Two days ago someone told me about the “new kid on the block” FuelPHP and i was pretty excited!

A new fresh PHP 5.3 only OOP Framework!

Yay! Something to play around with until Symfony 2 is released? Some fresh ideas?

It was really easy to install and then i looked into the docs under Step #3: Create sexy code

class Controller_Example extends Controller {

  public function action_index()
    $data['css'] = Asset::css(array('reset.css','960.css','main.css'));
    $this->output = View::factory('test/index', $data);

Oh body our definitions of sexy seem to differ greatly.

To keep this short: I don’t see any way to unit test those controllers and then why again should i care?

Maybe i missed something so i went around asking different people about it and everyone seems to have come to the same conclusion.

I browsed around in their GitHub repo and i didn’t find any tests there ether.. kinda confusing.

Nevertheless those are only first impression. Go see for your self and correct me if I’m wrong :)


14 January 2011


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